Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Robots Today

The first invention that was truly a robot was built in 1954. An inventor named George Deng made a machine called a manipulator. It looked and acted like a human arm. and it could be programmed to do many jobs. Devol helped start the tint robot company in 1756. By the early 1960s, robots like the manipulator were being manufactured and sold to factories. This same kind of robot, with some improvements, is still widely used today. In the late 1960s a mkt on wheels named Shakev was imented.Shakey was the first robot that was cotwitlercil intelligent. Its Irwin was a huge computer that communicated with it by radio. Al about the same time. an engineer built a 3,000-pound four-legged robot that could walk up tot miles an hour. It was called the Walking Truck. Shakey and the Walking Truck could understand a few simple commands and mow, but they were not irdelligent In the tame way that people are. 
Robots Today Right now there are more than 700,000 robots being used in the world. There are about 60,000 robots an the United States alone. Europe uses about twice as many as America does. Japan uses the most robots—more than half a million! Most robots today are run by electric motors and controlled by computers. Like earlier robots, these robots cannot think for themselves. They can only follow programs. But people have developed programs and robots that can do many things. Think of a task- If there is not a robot that can do it, there is probably somebody trying to invent one. As scientists and engineers develop better robots, we will be seeing them doing more and more. In the future, it will not be unusual to see robots making highways, constructing buildings, laying underground pipe, and performing many other difficult tasks. Since 1975 there have been robotic arms that can pick up objects, move them, and set them down exactly the way the programmer wants. Many of today's robotic arms can telescope. This means that they can become longer or shorter when needed. Some robotic arms can bend like the hose of a vacuum cleaner. Many of them have 'hands" that work the way human hand!. do. These hands are called.trippers. Different types of grippers are mask: and each type has a specific purpose. Some of them can screw on butts. Others can carry test tubes or hold welding rods. 


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